Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville — Ashtanga Yoga method in the traditional manner

cherry-blossom-ink-illustrationAshtanga Yoga Gainesville aims to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method in the traditional manner. In this yoga tradition, students learn at their own pace in small groups with assistance and guidance of a primary teacher. In this way students develop their practice at a pace appropriate for their own development. They develop a deeper relationship with their own practice as well as with their teacher. This allows the teacher to provide very specific guidance tailored to each student’s individual practice, and allows the student to delve into the true experience of yoga.

Classes are offered at my home studio in northwest Gainesville, at students homes, and occasionally at established studios in Gainesville and elsewhere in the southeastern U.S. Students of all levels are welcome at all classes. Click the ‘Class Schedules’ link above to see a current teaching schedule.

Student Perspectives: Why Practice Yoga?

  • “I practice yoga for a healthy body, clarity of mind, and Self-awareness.”
  • “I practice yoga to keep more limber; I don’t want to turn to stone!”
  • “Very simply, asana practice is an avenue for me to quiet my mind and strengthen  my body through the combination of breath, meditation and movement.  It is a path that  encourages kindness, patience, discipline and forgiveness, and these principles help bring balance to my life both on and off the mat.”
  • “I practice yoga because it’s a balanced full body workout.  Since I started practicing seriously two years ago, I have seen my muscles strengthen and lengthen, enabling me to exert maximal effort from all types of positions.  I especially like that it’s something I can do while healing injuries from other activities, allowing me to actively heal my body and achieve a balance between all the muscles once again.  I also like the way it enables my mind to let go and release all the stress and emotions stored up inside of me.  It’s a very well-balanced practice that anyone can do, no matter how stiff or weak, with results that can be seen and felt.”
  • “Basically, I practice yoga because of its all-around benefits.  When I started practicing a little over a year ago, I had just finished my Ph.D. program and felt like I was very out of shape and exhausted.  I was looking to improve strength, but also feel more relaxed physically and mentally.  I have definitely gotten all of that.  I am much more flexible and I feel stronger.  I also feel more mindful of my body in general, what it’s capable of and the effect of my lifestyle has on it.  Also, I just always feel better, emotionally after leaving class.”
  • “Yoga came to me when I needed it the most. I was lucky to have found yoga when I was recovering from a serious disease and I was challenged by all the tasks of graduate school. Ashtanga and the studio have provided me with the tools to feel calm, motivated, challenged, and also happy. What has encouraged me the most from the beginning is to feel how in every lesson I notice how my body goes one step further and I can breathe a little deeper. I could not have made this big change in my life without my instructors that have been there to guide me through, to gently make me challenge my body, to help me accept that the progress is gradual, and most importantly always have a smile and kind, sincere, encouraging words. I cannot live without yoga now and I am going to take it with me wherever life takes me.”
  • “El yoga  llego a mi en el momento en el que más necesitaba. Tuve mucha suerte de haber encontrado al yoga mientras me recuperaba de una enfermedad grave pero al mismo tenía que desempeñar las actividades relacionadas con mi programa de doctorado.  Ashtanga y el studio fueron las herramientas para sentirme tranquila, motivada, con un reto diario, y al mismo tiempo me dio un espacio para sentirme contenta.  Desde un comienzo lo que más me ha motivado de este proceso es sentir el progreso de mi cuerpo y especialmente , poder respirar más profundamente.  No podria haber logrado este gran cambio de vida sin mis instructores que han estado a mi lado para guiarme, para ayudarme a poner retos reales a mi cuerpo, para aceptar que el progreso es gradual y sobre todo los instructores siempre  han tenido una sonrisa  cándida y palabras sinceras de aliento.  Ya no puedo vivir sin el yoga y llevaré esta enseñanza y herramienta de vida a donde quiera que vaya.”